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The Actual Effect Of Cat Litter Use
- Aug 01, 2017 -

The actual effect of Cat Litter use
Cat slaves who keep a cat for a long time, I believe that the Cat Litter is not used its number, Cat Litter with more on the quality requirements of Cat Litter will be higher and higher, choose a suitable Cat Litter More difficult. Suitable for long-term use of Cat Litter is the first need for low dust, Cat Litter is a long-term use of daily necessities, too much dust can easily cause the cat respiratory system diseases. Followed by Cat Litter deodorant and agglomeration effect is better, after all, Cat Litter is the need to use indoors, deodorant effect directly determines whether the cat slaves will accept.
Used Cat Litter countless people do not dare to recommend to people who is the best Cat Litter, because the use of Cat Litter is still good or bad with the use of Cat Litter environment has a great relationship. The number of cats in the cat, the size of the Cat Litter, including the life habits of the cat slaves are likely to affect your choice of Cat Litter. So to pick a suitable for their own Cat Litter, so that their own cat satisfied with the Cat Litter must know the advantages and disadvantages of each Cat Litter.
Material: bentonite
Bentonite Cat Litter is now the largest share of the market share of Cat Litter, bentonite Cat Litter is the main feature of water absorption is better, and because it is soil clay as raw material, Cat Litter effect is better, but bentonite Cat Litter are generally more or less dust, which has become a distinction between bentonite Cat Litter is an important criterion. Another spherical bentonite Cat Litter is relatively small particles, easy to be brought out of cat Cat Litter, rolling difficult to clean everywhere. Broken particles of bentonite Cat Litter with smaller but generally imported Cat Litter, the price is higher. Now the market gradually appeared several domestic broken particles Cat Litter such as: US Peng Cat Litter, the price can be accepted, the use of the effect is also better.
Material: silicone
This Cat Litter generally refers to the crystal Cat Litter, crystal Cat Litter is a new type of Cat Litter, the main component is silica, water absorption is strong, the amount of ordinary bentonite Cat Litter than the savings. A lot of cat slaves on the use of crystal Cat Litter is greatly reduced the number of clean-up Cat Litter basin, because the crystal Cat Litter after the water will not knot, Cat Litter itself will absorb the urine of the cat, only need to clean up the cat Of the feces, when the cat sand pots in the crystal Cat Litter Bacheng more than the color change after the cat soaps can be replaced.
Material: pine
Pine Cat Litter is mainly made of pulp, wood chips and other materials, relative to the crystal Cat Litter is more environmentally friendly, but the pine Cat Litter is generally not used alone. Pine Cat Litter in the water will become a powder, so most of the Cat Litter is used in conjunction with other Cat Litter, the use of double Cat Litter basin. Another pine Cat Litter because of the reasons for the material, most of the pine Cat Litter can not escape with a certain wooden taste, which makes a lot of cats are not easy to accept pine Cat Litter. A lot of cat slaves to pine Cat Litter easy to use and can be poured directly into the toilet for the Lord recommended the use, but was strong rejection of their own small master, so with the cat launched a fierce struggle.
The above is mainly introduced some of the different materials of Cat Litter actually use some of the advantages and disadvantages, which Cat Litter is more suitable for their own use or according to the actual situation of the cat slaves with their own cat's acceptance.
Ordinary bentonite Cat Litter, including spherical Cat Litter, broken particles of bentonite Cat Litter
Advantages: Bentonite Cat Litter is the main advantage of the group is better, Cat Litter after the use of the group, easier to clean, high-quality broken particles bentonite Cat Litter dust, the use of better results
Disadvantages: Bentonite Cat Litter variety, uneven quality, low-quality bentonite Cat Litter easy to affect the respiratory and digestive system of the cat.
Silicone Cat Litter, also known as crystal Cat Litter
Advantages: The main advantage of silica gel Cat Litter is good water absorption, relatively bentonite Cat Litter clean, do not have frequent cleaning.
Disadvantages: choose the cat Cat Litter cat most of the more love is clean, and relatively lazy, feel more convenient to use, but the cat does not have to use, many cats on the crystal Cat Litter is not cold, accept a lower degree. In addition, crystal Cat Litter is easy to play by cat, eating.