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Do Your Master Like Planed Litter
- Mar 31, 2016 -

Friends believe that many cats will note that their masters are sometimes like to play cat litter, even planed planed to cat litter, litter at a time when want to misbehave. Make cat slaves was in great distress, takes time and effort to clean all the time. So what causes the masters of these acts?
If you find that their masters when these problems arise, may wish to take a closer look at your cat litter box is clean, clean. Because cats are clean animals, if the masters think the toilet is not clean, nature, he'll keep Planer planing to try to clean up their territory. At this time, you may wish to clean the litter box, and then replace it with a new bowl of cat litter, planed litter issues can get resolved.
But some masters that is purely boring, some even boring to do things that are even more eye-popping, such as play, such as toilet paper. If your boss is such a type, you can go to buy some simple cat toys, Cat-Scratch Board for jiemener. Of course the best solution is the owners spend some time with your pet, after all, they also need care requires a person to accompany.