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Under what conditions need to be thoroughly changing cat litter
- Aug 20, 2015 -

According to cat litter used to distinguish words, can easily distinguish it from the pellet after using cat litter and non-pellet cat litter, pellet cat litter is bentonite materials, depending on the complexity of the process can be divided into spherical sand sand and broken particles. Spherical sand belonging to the popular cat litter, market sales, the main advantage is price. Broken sand particles are mainly imported bentonite cat litter, which is characterized by low dust, but the price is high, but now some China-made quality gradually catch up with imported sand broken broken sand Mapper like cat litter. For Pellet cat litter, the replacement cycle is usually long, because after the cat used cat litter waste will be cat litter to absorb, then were cat slaves were cleared up, so the rest of the litter are less polluting, use cycle is long. General 20-30 day or so and then completely change the cat litter.
Additionally non-pellet cat litter, this type of cat litter can include Crystal, such as pine, this type of cat litter in the water will not freeze. Pine cat litter in the water will spread out to be powdered. Crystal cat litter is in the water changes color. Both types of cat litter is own right absorption of kitty litter, kitty litter cannot be cleaned in time, causing pollution, litter continues to gather sources, with the result that litter the efficiency decreases, cat litter used cycle is greatly reduced. General non-pellet cat litter used cycle is around for more than a week.