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Yantai Meipeng Cat Litter Products

Yantai Meipeng Cat Litter Products

Our factory is the bentonite cat litter factory, we are specialized in the bentonite cat litter for many years, now we are development a new type crushed bentonite cat litter, The pet products of new type crushed bentonite cat litter, it use for cat cleaning the litter, the quality is one of the...

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Product Details

 Products Advantage:

 1.Super condensation, strong deodorant

Using 100% natural sodium bentonite for producing the cat litter,It will solidifies very quickly with cat feces.


2.Low dust, green and environmental protection

Our company adopts the advanced dust sterilization process and high temperature sterilization process from abroad with pure natural sodim bentonite for production.


3.Consumption saving, natural fragrance 

The cat litter particles is even thickness via scientific design.Both consumption saving half and not easily brought out of the basin.


Using a new cat litter, occasionally cat maybe have short rejection and it’s normal . Please be assured to use.If it lasts for a long time,please mix the previous cat litter a small amount into the new one ,and this situation will disappear.








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