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Your Cat Is More Annoying Than Your Dirty Bentonite Cat Litter
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Your cat is more annoying than your dirty Bentonite Cat Litter
 Cats who have some experience is that a pot of no matter how good the Bentonite Cat Litter, with a long time will inevitably appear odor, and very unpleasant, so that the Bentonite Cat Litter to keep dry and clean is very necessary Things, if not, then love the clean cat will be forced to the toilet. Because the cat is absolutely beyond your imagination.
   To say how to maintain the cleanliness of Bentonite Cat Litter, in addition to the use of good quality Bentonite Cat Litter (such as our production of Bentonite Cat Litter), only the continuous cleaning on time to replace, in time to eliminate the group of Bentonite Cat Litter, the best From time to time all replaced once.
   There are many people who keep the cat is easy to ignore is that as a supporting use of bentonite cat sand basin is not cleaned in time, Bentonite Cat Litter at least once every ten days to clean, you can use some natural, no irritating cleaning agent. And your little shovel should be washed with Oh.
   Washed Bentonite Cat Litter basin must be dry, because whether it is knot Bentonite Cat Litter or non-knot plant Bentonite Cat Litter, or crystal Bentonite Cat Litter after the water can not be used normally. When the Bentonite Cat Litter, the Bentonite Cat Litter at least into the thickness of 5-8 cm. Not for their own convenience one-time pour too much or too little, first of all the cat does not like too thick Bentonite Cat Litter, followed by too thin easily lead to excrement sink hard to clean up, and this thickness is more convenient cat owners clean up sand of.
Cats are most like Bentonite Cat Litter and clean containers
   There are many varieties of Bentonite Cat Litter on the market, many have added spices, the owner feels the smell of Bentonite Cat Litter smell good, but for the cat is rich, Especially after mixing the cat's excrement, it is simply unimaginable ... Bentonite Cat Litter addition to the addition of additives, deodorant use of the most natural addition to taste components and activated carbon additives. And with the smell of Bentonite Cat Litter flavor strictly control the degree of harmless to the human cat, please rest assured that use!
   It is reminded that some pine wood itself will contain a taste that smells like a disinfectant, which is unacceptable to the vast majority of cats. This is why some cats will say that the big price to buy plant sand, but the home of the cat refused to use one of the reasons though the passage of time this situation may be alleviated, but the most natural Bentonite Cat Litter must be bentonite material.
   For the choice of Bentonite Cat Litter is not so many problems, but for the cat more comfortable, the best choice for a little larger, preferably twice as long as the cat itself twice as long as the bentonite cat sand basin.
Cat more than the toilet should be more
   If you have more than one cat at home, do not consider placing a few bentonite cat sand basins, for example, you have three cats, you'd better have four bentonite cat sand basin. The position of the Bentonite Cat Litter basin is best placed in a ventilated position. Some friends like to put the Bentonite Cat Litter on the toilet, in fact, the taste of such excrement more difficult to spread, compared to the balcony, the window is more suitable for the cats are excreted.
 I believe a lot of cats friends will note that their own masters sometimes very much like to play Bentonite Cat Litter, and even Bentonite Cat Litter to plan to go, each time to Lin Ting bentonite cat sand basin when they like in the inside for nothing. Do the cat slaves are very upset, every time to spend time to deal with cleaning. So what exactly is the reason that led to the appearance of these masters?
   If you find your own master of these problems, may wish to carefully observe your Bentonite Cat Litter basin is clean, clean. Because the cat was originally a clean animal, if the masters feel that their toilet is not clean enough, nature dictates, he will keep to plan to plan to clean their territory. At this time, you may wish to clean the bentonite cat sand basin, and then put on a pot of new Bentonite Cat Litter, planing Bentonite Cat Litter problem can be resolved in the first time.