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Your Cat Hates Dirty Bentonite Cat Litter More Than You Do
- Apr 07, 2017 -

Your cat hates dirty Bentonite Cat Litter more than you do

Cat people have experience is that a bowl again good Bentonite Cat Litter, use the time for a long time the inevitable will appear peculiar smell, and very bad, so keep the Bentonite Cat Litter dry clean is very necessary thing, otherwise, again love clean cat will also be compelled of defecate indiscriminately. Because cats are definitely more than you think.

To tell you how to maintain the cleanliness of Bentonite Cat Litter, in addition to choose good quality of Bentonite Cat Litter, such as the beauty of our production peng Bentonite Cat Litter), only constant change clean up in time, in a timely manner to root out the cluster of Bentonite Cat Litter, best every once in a while we just change one more time.

There are a lot of people in the cat is easy to ignore, as supporting the use of Bentonite Cat Litter not timely cleaning, basin of Bentonite Cat Litter at least once every ten days to clean, can use a few natural, without excitant cleaner to use. And your little shovel.

Washing basin of Bentonite Cat Litter must be dry, because of the cluster Bentonite Cat Litter and the cluster of Bentonite Cat Litter, or crystal Bentonite Cat Litter after the water can't normal use. When the bentonite cat sand is poured, the bentonite cat sand should be poured at least 5 to 8 cm thick. Don't for their own convenience one-time pour too much or too little, first of all cats don't like too thick of Bentonite Cat Litter, second is too thin bottom hard to clean, easy to cause waste and the thickness is more convenient clear cat owners in the sand.

Cat's favorite bentonite bentonite cat sand and clean container

There are many kinds of bentonite cat sand in the market, and many have added spices. The owners feel that the smell of bentonite is good, but for cats, it is a full-bodied scare cat! Especially after the cat's droppings are mixed up. The addition of flavor additives and deodorizing agents for meopeng bentonite is the most natural deodorant and activated carbon additive. And the flavor of the bentonite with fragrance is strictly controlled in the level of harmless to human cats, please use it safely!

Here's a reminder that some of the pine trees themselves contain a taste that smells like water, which is not acceptable to most cats. This is why some cat he said will pay big money to buy the plant sand, but home cat refused to use one of the reasons why though over time, this kind of circumstance may be easing, but the natural bentonite Bentonite Cat Litter must be material.

For the choice of Bentonite Cat Litter basin would not have so many questions, but in order to become more comfortable with cat had better choose slightly larger, it is better than the cat itself a times as long as wide double basin of Bentonite Cat Litter.

Cats have more toilets

If you have more than one cat in your house, don't think about putting a few Bentonite Cat Litter boxes. For example, if you have three cats, you'd better have four Bentonite Cat Litter. The position of Bentonite Cat Litter basin is best placed in the position of ventilation. Some friends like to put the Bentonite Cat Litter basin in the toilet, in fact the taste of excreta is more difficult to spread, compared to, the balcony, the window is more suitable for the cat to excrete.