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White Clumps Bentonite Cat Litter What Brand Is Good
- Jul 01, 2016 -

White Clumping Bentonite Cat Sand/Cat Litter White clumps bentonite cat litter what brand is good, knot group cat litter

  Main Ingredients: Bentonite.

  Appearance: white or gray small particles. White clumps bentonite cat litter What brand is good, some brands are spherical particles, and some brands are irregular shape of the particles.

  How to use: strong hygroscopic cat litter quickly dry the feces of water, forming a large hard group. In the cleaning of cat litter, with a leaky cat sand shovel shovel out these large and small hard regiment thrown away on it. With cat litter consumption, the owner can always add new cat litter to the cat litter basin.

  Advantages: the cat, the cat litter is relatively light, foot feel better, suitable for nature like buried cat. Clean up more convenient, and some brands of cat litter in the smokers do better, if the number of cats at home, every day to clean up cat litter, the basic can be tasteless.

  Disadvantages: dust is too large, if the cat sand basin placed in the room, the furniture surface will gradually attach a thin layer of white powder, the cat also has a soil smell. White clam Bentonite cat litter What brand of good, because cat litter particles are very small, easier to stuck in the cat's toe stitched, the cat will be left in the toe seam in the small sand licking out.

  Use the benefits of white clotting bentonite cat litter:

  Do not worry about dust first

  White Clumping Bentonite Cat Sand/Cat Litter The original use of cat litter containing bentonite, home furniture will be covered with a very thin layer of fine white dust. And bentonite may be on the cat's breathing is not good, the cat will be mistakenly sucked into. Cat to cat sand basin convenient after the feet will be stained with cat litter, it may lick into the stomach.

  The second deodorant effect is good

  White clumps Bentonite cat litter odor absorption function is better. With the initiative to lock the smell of the function, can quickly absorb the urine, keep dry at any time. Let the cat sand basin and your entire room stay fresh and fresh, so that the love of the cat from the new choice.

  The third province saves money

  White Clumping Bentonite Cat Sand/Cat Litter A toilet will only dip dozens of pieces of crystal sand, the toilet will pick out everything OK! If it is "boo hush", then it will seep into the crystal sand, the urine will be soaked in the cat will become pale yellow, and slowly dry, so do not have to pack the urine every day.

  The fourth note

  It is important to note that ... the kittens at home may have to take white clumps bentonite cat litter as a toy, the round of small grains picked out on the ground when the ball ball to play! There are cats and even the crystal sand in the mouth to play. So, in view of the little cat on their own toilet this disrespect attitude, if the family has a small cat, I am afraid not particularly suitable for this can be used as a "toy" cat sand