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White Clumping Bentonite Cat Sand/Cat Litter Improve Disease Resistance
- Oct 01, 2016 -

White Clumping Bentonite Cat Sand/Cat Litter improve disease resistance

Effective measures to prevent colds is cold cold insulation, thick mattress, and pay attention to timely replacement, keep dry, to prevent cold; warm day, to strengthen the dog's outdoor sports to enhance their physical, improve the dog's Resistance to disease. So that the sun can not only warm the sun, the sun in the ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization effect, and can promote the absorption of calcium, especially in favor of puppy bone growth and development, to prevent puppies rickets. Even if the long-haired varieties, because there is no long Qi dog hair, lack of resistance, especially afraid of cold and cold winds.

Help the dog dog cold way has the following several kinds:

     1. You can put some clean old blankets in the nest, thick towels, etc., help puppies heating. If the puppies alone to buy home feeding, due to the outliers, it is difficult to snuggle and mutual heating, but also less brothers and sisters with it to play, as well as the whole body fever, so easy to cool. Do not put the puppy in a too ventilated place to prevent frost damage. Especially 6-8 weeks of the dog baby, the most vulnerable to colds.

     2. White Clumping Bentonite Cat Sand/Cat Litter Winter kennel temperature should be kept between 13-15 ℃. The puppy puppy can also follow the plastic greenhouse method to keep warm at the same time to plug all the cracks in the wall to prevent the thief wind invasion. Conditional use of infrared light can be used to build a wall between the walls, etc., should generally be configured dog bed, above the pad with a thick material, and to ground for dry, keep dry. When the sun is warm, let the dog more sun, strengthen the movement, enhance physical fitness, improve disease resistance.

     White Clumping Bentonite Cat Sand/Cat Litter Winter cold, pay attention to cold insulation and sunbathing, prevention of winter respiratory disease and rheumatism occurred. Winter management should first do a good job of kennel cold warm. The dog's nest moved to the sunny place, and in the kennel entrance hanging curtains to prevent the cold string people; the second is mattress to be thicker, and should be frequent and sun to keep dry; three Is the anti-thief wind invasion, blocking the north wall of the hole, close the north window, sunny also pay attention to the appropriate window ventilation, keep the kennel air clean fresh, reduce ammonia, prevent the occurrence of respiratory disease is sunny when warm , To bring dogs out activities, sunbathing, to enhance physical fitness, improve disease resistance. The sun can not only warm, ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization, and can promote the absorption of calcium, is conducive to the growth and development of canine bones,

     White Clumping Bentonite Cat Sand/Cat Litter In the cold temperature will cause a lot of energy in the dog's body heat, so the winter feed with, should increase the cream, internal organs and vitamin A and fat ingredients more food, such feed can quickly add heat, enhance the dog Dog cold resistance.