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What Kind Of Bentonite Cat Litter Is Suitable For Long-term Use Of Cats
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Knowing the habits of the cat, you should choose the appropriate Bentonite Cat Litter for the cat. After all, cat litter users or cats, all as far as possible to the cat's preferences as the standard, the following from several aspects to help you small details of what kind of cat litter most suitable for the use of cat.
First is the taste
People tend to have a good habit of buying things, but for Bentonite Cat Litter it is best to listen to the views of their own cat, especially for the more sensitive sense of smell of the cat, in most cases is not willing to use a fragrant Bentonite Cat Litter. Because the smell of the cat's sense of smell is sensitive, the taste is also more sensitive, we can not smell the smell of many cats can smell, so the smell of thick Bentonite Cat Litter fragrance is often resisted by most of the cat.
Bentonite Cat Litter is not a cat close to the use of things, but the daily contact is more. If the Bentonite Cat Litter dust is relatively large, the cat in the course of the use of the respiratory system is easy to enter the body, long-term inhalation of excessive dust must have a certain impact on the health of the cat, the most direct adverse reaction is the cat in the smell Cat litter after sneezing. In addition Bentonite Cat Litter dust too easy to stick in the cat claws or body, the cat in the process of moving a lot of dust will be brought to the interior, affecting the indoor health environment.
The cat will naturally use cat litter, of course, also on the Bentonite Cat Litter texture requirements, and early cat litter is not so popular when the general are directly from the wild to dig some sand to go home when the cat litter, you can understand the cat like sand Cat litter, so the general Bentonite Cat Litter by the cat like, and is also idle cat litter sales accounted for a relatively large category.
Now the varieties of cat litter are bentonite, crystal, pine and other types, and for a variety of Bentonite Cat Litter in the manufacturing process to add the chemical elements may have a certain impact on the cat, so to choose some of the chemical addition of ingredients less Cat litter, once the cat has been allergic to the situation to stop using the situation.
Cat litter, after all, is used to see the use of Bentonite Cat Litter effect. General evaluation Bentonite Cat Litter effect is a good or bad standard cat litter water condensation molding degree. The better the water absorption, the faster the deodorant capacity is generally the main feature of the quality Bentonite Cat Litter.
The use of cat litter on the health of the cat has a crucial impact, and now the market above the variety of cat litter sales, whether it is material or brand, let the cat slaves in the choice of cat litter hesitation, both Choose the right price, but also the cat like, and the benefit of the cat healthy cat litter.
Bentonite Cat Litter in the cat litter market share is relatively large, so today here to tell you about Bentonite Cat Litter choice and use of skills.
First of all, how to choose Bentonite Cat Litter, Bentonite Cat Litter shortcomings are mainly dust. Dust first will affect the house of environmental health, the cat every day into and out of the cat litter basin, if the cat litter dust is relatively large, it increases the number of cat slaves cleaning the health of the house, and dust sticky in the cat body, easy to be cat Sucked into the body, causing respiratory disease.
And then the use of Bentonite Cat Litter, cat litter as a daily necessities of the cat, when used as much as possible to put the cat litter in the shelter, to avoid the usual dust blowing, cat litter thickness to ensure the use of the premise, Bentonite Cat Litter is as high as possible from the top of the basin, so the height of the cat litter can be slightly higher.
The last is the choice of cat litter, Bentonite Cat Litter Although the cat's daily consumer goods, but the general amount is not too large, a cat a month or so a cat litter, not a big consumer goods, so in the cat litter The choice to try to choose some good quality cat litter, like the United States Peng cat litter, etc. are relatively good choice.
Finally, cat litter, many people think that cat litter in the cat can be cleaned up every few days, in fact, Bentonite Cat Litter in use, no matter how good the quality of cat litter, will slowly pollute the air inside the house, so the cat Slaves since the choice of the cat, it is necessary to do things diligent, as far as possible every day to clean up the cat sand basin, thoroughly wash the cat sand basin every week.