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Under What Circumstances Need To Completely Replace The Bentonite Cat Litter
- Nov 03, 2017 -

Under what circumstances need to completely replace the Bentonite Cat Litter
Litter need to clean the cat litter box, but it takes a long time to thoroughly clean the cat litter basin many cat slaves who do not have the exact concept of the early change, then wasting a lot of cat litter, change the smell too much affect indoor hygiene. Different Bentonite Cat Litter replacement cycle is not the same, then Bentonite Cat Litter in the end how long need to completely replace it?
The period for changing Bentonite Cat Litter first depends on the type of cat litter. There are many types of cat litter depending on the materials used. Different cat litters are used differently, and the life cycle is also different.
According to the use of cat litter to distinguish between, you can simply distinguish between the use of the group after the group-type Bentonite Cat Litter and non-regimental cat litter, the general agglomeration cat litter are bentonite material, according to the complexity of the process can be divided Spherical sand with broken particles of sand. Spherical sand is a popular Bentonite Cat Litter, the market is relatively large, the main advantage is the price is cheap. Broken particle sand is mainly imported bentonite cat litter, characterized by low dust, but the higher prices, but now some of the quality of crushed sand gradually catch up with imported crushed sand, like the United States Peng cat litter. For clumps of cat litter, the replacement cycle is generally longer, because the cat litter after use of litter will be absorbed by Bentonite Cat Litter, cat cats were then promptly cleaned, so the remaining cat litter less contaminated, The use of longer period. You can generally use about 20-30 days and then completely replace the cat litter.
The other is the non-regimental cat litter, such cat litter generally include crystal, pine, etc., such Bentonite Cat Litter will not clump in water. Pine cat litter will disperse into powder form after it is in contact with water. Crystal cat litter is discolored after encountering water. Both types of cat litter use their own characteristics to absorb the cat's excrement, so the cat's excrement can not be promptly cleaned, resulting in the source of pollution has always existed, so litter box in the continuous accumulation of pollution sources, the result is Bentonite Cat The use efficiency of Litter is rapidly reduced, and the lifespan of cat litter is greatly reduced. General non-group cat litter use cycle is about more than a week or so.
Finally, it is important to emphasize that the length of time that a Bentonite Cat Litter is used is not always the same as the replacement cycle, nor is it in accordance with the instructions for cat litter, based on the actual use of cat litter and cat litter Given the humid summer air, the actual use of the Bentonite Cat Litter will be greatly reduced. The use time of any kind of cat litter will be greatly shortened, so cat litter should be cleaned and replaced in time. Cats generally love clean, so usually pay attention to observe cats, cats reduce the number of toilets or refuse to toilet in the litter box, it is time to completely clean the litter box.
If kittens do not use Bentonite Cat Litter, they can be slowly trained to teach cats. First of all, to prepare cat litter box, litter box can be used at home, discarded cartons or plastic basin, cat litter box can also be purchased for cats, and then choose the appropriate cat litter, cat litter thickness remains at 7- About 8 centimeters. Then choose a suitable place in the house as a litter box for a fixed place.
Then you can slowly familiarize the cat litter box, pre-cats can be caught inside the litter box, let the cat slowly know the existence of Bentonite Cat Litter, cat litter and cat litter can be used, the general cat nature There is the habit of digging the ground so that cats can slowly let the cat know where this Bentonite Cat Litter is for defecation.
There are some ancestral old experience, such as the cat into the litter box, you can hand down the cat's tail down a few times, from the body to tell the cat senses organ to the toilet.
Master cat habit
When cats use the toilet, they usually have some performance. For example, if cats have no bowel movement in the morning and suddenly smell the smell, they will have to go to the toilet. At this time, they can hold the cat in the litter box or Guide the cat to use cat litter. This training can generally be done several times.