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Training Cat Use Cat Toilet And Use Cat Litter To Provide The Body
- Oct 20, 2016 -

training cat use cat toilet and use cat litter to provide the body

Carding, bristles must be done every day for the dog's work, often comb brush, not only can remove the old hair dirt, promote the skin's blood circulation, but also to make the skin breathable and shiny. And the spring and summer of the dog to change the hair, so to insist on every day to the dog carding, if the dog is longer to choose a hard needle comb, short hair dog with soft needle comb.

Combing the order from the back easy to comb the place to start along the comb brush, and then limbs, abdomen, neck, head, both sides of the ear, part of the part of the slowly comb, comb finished, and then against it again, Flat comb grasp the root of the knot, so as not to hurt the skin, little by little comb, and then easy to light down the comb down, encountered too much hair knot, too dense, like a piece of carpet as thick, you can use easy Comb sperm spray up to comb, or comb is not open, cut him off, so that too hard to hurt the skin.

1, meat

training cat use cat toilet and use cat litter Yabo Pet Products Reminder: Meat can provide bone growth, cell tissue regeneration elements required, but also promote metabolism; but light meat is not enough to take up the body needs, so provide rich protein meat should not exceed dog food half.

2, fat

training cat use cat toilet and use cat litter Meat and plants contain fat to provide the body of the body of the dog's fatty acids, make the skin, hair, keep healthy and beautiful.

3, carbohydrates

The other nutrients the dog needs every day should come from carbohydrates, such as cereal food, rice, dough, dried dog food and potato. Carbohydrates can increase the weight of dog food to help normal intestinal peristalsis.

4, vitamins

Yabo Pet supplies that other complementary vitamins such as calcium, vitamin tablets, bone meal, etc., can provide the required vitamin order nutritional balance.

5, water

Yabo pet supplies Tips: Dogs lose water every day. Water accounts for about 60% of adult dog weight, about 150cc per day of water to drink, but if too much is not a delicious food.