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The Advantages Of Cat Litter
- Jul 15, 2015 -

1, strong odor. It can make the urine or feces odor absorption does not disseminate tightly, and keep the air in your room, fresh and odor-free.
2, super fast moisture absorption. It can be fast in a very short time to make pets out of the urine and feces in the water; moisture capacity of 80% per cent of its own weight and still keep the skin dry.
3, the effects last. 4 lbs per bag of cat litter for a cat can persist for more than a month.
4, a strong antibiotic. Because the litter box is dry, reduce the reproduction of bacteria. If antimicrobial agent cat litter do you use also has a bactericidal effect.
5, easy to deal with. Silica gel cat sand caked, leaving no marks, no dust, light weight, less waste, can be used as ordinary trash away; families easy to use and safe.