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Talking About How To Raise A Cat From Cat Litter
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Talking about how to raise a cat from Cat Litter
Many people are to consider the pet after the arrival of some of the daily problems, for the cat, many pet owners often overlook an important question, that is, the problem of cat defecation, many people raised the dog, the dog is small When we are everywhere when the urine will be severely warned, and gradually teach the dog out of urine or in the bathroom to solve. And for the cat, if the random size in the room will bring more serious consequences. The The The fecal taste of the cat is quite strong, and for many of the first cat people do not know to solve the problem of cat excretion to use Cat Litter. Here you talk about how to raise a cat from the Cat Litter.
The first is the role of Cat Litter, Cat Litter is mainly to clean up the cat's excrement, cat excrement is different from the dog, the taste is slightly thicker, if the treatment is not good, easy to make the room smell relatively large. In addition the use of Cat Litter is also a cat to solve the habit of nature, planing sand ~
The classification of Cat Litter is mainly based on the material of Cat Litter to distinguish, the most traditional Cat Litter is made of bentonite, with the technology and manufacturing process progress, the quality of bentonite Cat Litter has been continuously improved. And then in recent years there are some new types of environmental protection Cat Litter, such as pine Cat Litter, tofu sand, paper sand, crystal Cat Litter, etc., although these Cat Litter are not the same material, but the use of Cat Litter is to clean The environment of the house absorbs the odor of the cat excrement.
Choose Cat Litter first according to your raised your cat. Cat Litter according to the use of the effect can be divided into condensed Cat Litter and non-condensing Cat Litter, condensed Cat Litter is made of bentonite raw materials made of Cat Litter, in the water can quickly absorb the knot. Now the bentonite Cat Litter is generally spherical with broken particles, spherical Cat Litter is the traditional bentonite Cat Litter, cheap, simple manufacturing process, the use of more general, the disadvantage is the larger dust, deodorant ability is poor, for comparison Love the clean cat owner to clean up the Cat Litter dust will be a more headache. Broken particles of bentonite Cat Litter is bentonite Cat Litter high-end products, due to the manufacturing process is more advanced, to solve the bentonite Cat Litter dust relatively large drawbacks, and broken particles of the gap is relatively small, than the traditional ball sand deodorant effect, so bentonite Broken Cat Litter more and more by the cat slaves are welcome, like the domestic better to do the United States Peng Cat Litter, both to meet the cat slaves on the use of Cat Litter requirements, and more clean, is the main representative of broken Cat Litter product.
As the home of the cat is more, so the choice of Cat Litter is also more picky, and now the family raised four adult cats, a cat more than two months. The requirements of the Cat Litter is the first dust to be less, no better, more cats, dust, then the house will be every day with the dust and dust storm like. Followed by cleaning to be convenient, the number of cats on the toilet more, clean up the frequency of the cat toilet even more than a cat, but also shelter 5 cat a day more than the number of toilets, so the Cat Litter cleaning must be convenient and Deodorant ability must be better, otherwise the smell of smoked days, it is estimated that the cat will not go on their own. Third, the Cat Litter is better, the group is the first good to clean up more convenient, the amount of savings, the most important thing is that I would like to be able to count the number of cats on the cat, so you can grasp the excretion of the cat, you can effectively prevent the cat's urethra Disease oh ~
In accordance with these requirements I again and again in a treasure Shanghai Amoy various types of Cat Litter, but has not found a suitable Cat Litter, but the use of Cat Litter summed up some very useful experience, and now to everyone To share the share, hoping to want to keep the cat or Cat Litter catches are a little bit of help.
One, spherical bentonite Cat Litter
This believe that many of the cat slaves have used it, no matter how long the cat, I believe many people will be more or less on the spherical Cat Litter have a certain understanding, after all, this Cat Litter is the highest market share of Cat Litter , Cheap, many brands. The main advantages of this ball sand is: cheap, the group is also the effect of odor can be. The downside is that the dust is big. The The This is not only affect the health of the house, the most important is the impact of the cat's respiratory system, easily lead to some of the diseases of the cat. Cat too much to get the dust at home, bring out the ball sand clean is also more trouble, so for me can only give up.
Second, pine sand
Said the pine wood has the advantage, but they feel really do not find the advantages of what, the only advantage is that you can directly with the toilet washed shortcomings I really feel quite obvious, the first feeling of pine sand into the water after the water, Cat urine itself has a taste, with pine trees and then into a pile of powder, and still moist, feeling clean up more trouble, and clean up the finished Cat Litter, have to clean the cat under the cat , Should there be smell? The other is the cat's stool cleaning effect is even worse, but also a waste of more, or is easy to put the cat Baba sticky shovel, anyway, feel the Cat Litter is not easy to use.