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Setting Cat Litter
- Sep 05, 2015 -

It is currently the most widely used cat litter, strong Hygroscopicity, waste water can be absorbed, forming a hard mission. Setting cat Placer solves the problem of urine can be clots in urine, the eradication of hygiene. If diarrhea, will make it into a ball, wrap no longer have regular cat litter not troubles. Deposited litter when drained, you can always add a new cat litter into the cat litter, do not need to give up.
Add some perfume or fragrance beads or fresh mint taste, when cleaning cat litter, you can reduce the number of temporarily stops breathing. More advanced also has bactericidal ingredients, grain stain to color cat litter or sand, and Visual effects. Common cat litter cat litter and condensation, with natural sandstone as raw material, waste will soon return to nature.