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Litter Selection Tips
- Dec 01, 2015 -

Many brands of cat litter have small packaging, pick a few well-known brands of cat litter to cat to try one by one, which then would look at it like determined would be nice. In selected Shi also not blind of casually selected, need note points: first selection can condensation convenient eradication of cat sand, this cat sand convenient clean and can draw smell; second cat compared like no taste of cat sand, so as don't selection those fragrance rich of cat sand, but master often is compared like with fragrance of cat sand, so in select Shi on no consider cat of feel, so buy back of cat sand cat not like with, must to remember, cat sand is to cat with of, they like of cat sand is right of. If cat not like we for it selected of cat sand Shi usually will has following of performance: scratching cat sand disc, and station in cat sand disc outside or in has soon on jumped out, and directly in cat sand disc next "will will", so dang found you of cat appeared above these situation Shi please replaced another a cat sand, determine down Hou please don't easily replaced other brand.