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How To Teach Cat To Go To The Toilet And Use Cat Litter
- Jun 06, 2017 -

 How to teach the cat to go to the toilet and use cat litter. Cat will own the place to the toilet on the toilet, but also their own fecal burying, and their ancestral life habits, in order to prevent the natural enemies find themselves, so the cat's Ancestors will bury the taste of excrement, although this habit has been in the modern cat who has no use, but to solve the problem of shovel feces official.

  training cat use cat toilet and use cat litter Shovel feces as long as the cat to prepare a plastic pot, which covered about 3 cm thick cat litter, then the cat will go inside the toilet, and buried himself.

  As long as the comrades do not buy poor cat litter, cat litter can deodorant sterilization, can effectively alleviate the home by the cat confused smelly air.

  By the cat buried in the inside of the manure will knot, shovel feces only need to use the cat sand shovel to shovel it can be lost, very convenient!

  Can really raise a cat you will find that cat litter in use also need experience.

  Say how to use cat litter before talking about the type of cat litter

  1 the first: bentonite cat litter, the material is bentonite bentonite cat litter and then subdivided, then can be divided into several, Xiao Bian relatively lazy, not broken down.

  Bentonite cat litter is the most traditional cat litter, will gather, fast water, but the dust is a bit big, and the need for frequent cleaning.

  The second: silicone crystal cat litter, the material is silica, has proved harmless to the cat, Xiao Bian that this is the best use of cat litter, dust, deodorant strong, there is a touch of fragrance.

  But there are shortcomings, knot is not good, urine will be infiltration, shovel will be more waste when

  The third: paper cat litter, this cat litter is not used, Taobao sell more expensive, but a pack can be used for a long time.

  Not the knot, the main advantage is strong water absorption, after all, people are made of paper.

  The fourth: wood cat litter, most of which are made of wood chips, is the most expensive kind of cat litter, but people cost-effective, because it used for a long time.

  Is also a more environmentally friendly, can also be used when the fertilizer to grow flowers.

  This is the most common kind of cat litter on the market, a lot of shovel feces did not hear.

  How to use cat litter

  Cat litter thickness of 3 ~ 5cm the best, look at your home cat appropriate age.

  training cat use cat toilet and use cat litter Bentonite cat litter 1 day a clear, crystal cat litter two days a clear, paper cat litter and wood four days to a week a clear (sun drying can be used longer).

  Crystal cat litter because of easy to penetrate, so clean up the time to go down the Páp pull, maybe yellow crystal cat litter are below.

  Paper cat litter and wooden cat litter is best to clean all the time.

  If not promptly clean up the cat may be disgusted, so do not go inside the toilet.

  Cat litter in a ventilated place, is conducive to indoor air to keep clean.

  Like Xiaobian Jia cat on the balcony, the cat will climb up to pull manure.

  It is not recommended to use a closed cat litter basin, although there are odor effects, but not easy to clean up.