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How To Choose The Right Cat Litter For The Beloved Cat
- Aug 21, 2017 -

How to choose the right Cat Litter for the beloved cat

Meow pedestrians lovely and elusive personality, so many owners willing to become a cat slaves, to take a good helpless cat at home; keep the cat's hair dad mothers, in addition to food and feed, the most important routine consumables will be Is the Cat Litter, so how to choose the appropriate Cat Litter, to meet the love of this group of people, parents can not be sloppy, after all, Cat Litter, but they will be used every day, if the selection of poor quality Cat Litter , Not only affect the health of the cat, but also increase the trouble of cleaning.

Variety of dependents choose according to demand

In the general market more common types of Cat Litter there are condensed ore, non-condensing ore, wood sand and crystal Cat Litter, etc., for the owner to provide a variety of types of choice, the owner can do on the needs of the purchase considerations.

Condensed ore

Condensed ore, can be divided into coarse particles (lower prices, condensation effect) and fine particles (higher prices, good condensation), can be used in accordance with the habits, budget and demand to choose. Some products that contain a strong aroma and inferior flavor will have an impact on the health of the cat. Consumers can consider the use of natural essential oils when purchasing.

2. Do not condense ore

Non-condensed ore and the general condensed ore compared to the more convenient, less sticky to the cat's feet, to reduce the particles by the cat to the troubled home, the cat in the clean feet when it is also easier Eating. Do not condense the ore does not need to clean up the daily agglomeration, only need to clean up the defecation can be, like the ore to absorb the water situation, about five to seven days or so the whole basin can be replaced.

3. wood sand

Sawdust sand composition is more natural, has a good water absorption and deodorant, not only easy to clean up the owner, it is not easy to provoke too much dust, and wood itself will have a natural scent; owners in the use of wood sand Pay special attention to home humidity, to avoid Cat Litter. In addition, some inferior products of wood sand will be recycled waste production, the owner must pay special attention to origin.

4. Crystal silica sand

Crystal silica sand made of silica gel for the granular translucent crystal, water absorption is strong, even after the water will maintain the original granular, you can determine the color of the Cat Litter to determine the replacement time, the use of a long time, But because the particles are hard, some cats do not like the touch of crystal silica sand.

Choose to stop listening to enjoy the quality of Cat Litter

The market has a lot of well-known brands of counterfeit goods to grab the market at low prices, or the actual manufacturing and packaging signs do not match, to confuse the audience, consumers may wish to buy more than before, you can also visit the official website of the domestic sales base, Avoid buying counterfeit and inferior products.

Foreign imports of Cat Litter as a result of more stringent testing standards, but also pay special attention to environmental protection packaging, in recent years in the domestic market favored by consumers; parents in the purchase can also refer to the use of many owners experience, and observe the use of cat Of the situation, to find the most suitable for their own Mao cat Cat Litter.

Although the cat can be born to use Cat Litter, but there are many times the cat on the Cat Litter is not very cold, and some cases will be more resentful of Cat Litter, the cat appears to be more exclusion of Cat Litter, the cat owner should observe the situation of the cat, Find out why.

One, cat sand basin

Many people feel like a cat with a dog, to the cat casually find a cat sand basin can be used, but this ignores an important question, the cat is not a dog, the cat is very picky. The The The cat is very concerned about their own use of anything, sensitive to the color of the wrong, the shape is wrong, the taste is not equal to any dissatisfaction with the place where the cat will refuse to use, especially adult cats, has developed a fixed habit After it is difficult to change.

So in the choice of Cat Litter, from the cat's habit of observation, if the kitten, to consider the level of Cat Litter, too high kittens may come and go more difficult and refused to use.

Second, Cat Litter

Cat slaves in the use of Cat Litter will certainly not only use a Cat Litter, where the Friends of the cat will certainly be recommended when the exchange of other Cat Litter, and then use a fixed Cat Litter after the replacement of Cat Litter, for the cat slaves to replace Cat Litter may consider the use of Cat Litter effect, for the cat may be to change the habit of the problem, so the cat in the replacement of Cat Litter after the use of Cat Litter rejection, we must consider whether the new Cat Litter cat suitable for the cat.

Third, the cat health problems

Kittens and puppies are often sick, the cat in the body when there will be some abnormal reactions, such as respiratory problems, intestinal system problems will affect the cat's defecation reaction. May not be fixed to the defecation site, may be refused to enter the cat sand basin.