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How To Choose The Right Cat Litter Box
- Apr 04, 2016 -

Litter box as a litter mate, is a cat something essential to daily life, litter box with the development of applications and styles, now more attention by CAT slaves, litter box can be divided into two categories, one is open cat litter box, and the other is closed litter.
Open litter tend to use more, is also available on the most common type. The litter box with relatively simple, cats are free to access. In selecting open note to litter box litter size and height, kittens due to height is too low, when you are using too much litter out of inconvenience, easily rejected cat psychology, later refused to use the litter box. Open litter box for cats and slave who is relatively easy to use, easy to clean.
In addition to open outside the litter box was enclosed cat litter box. Relative to the opening of the cat litter box, enclosed litter box has only one export and import, for cats has a closed space, keep your cat safe. When in enclosed cat litter box cat poop, cat litter to absorb flavor and enclosed cat litter box is easier to prevent pollution of the air in the House. But some of the cat itself is relatively clean, and taste of his litter box is too heavy, cats can also do not want to go in, which excluded the use of cat litter from happening.