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Comparison Of The Effect Of Bentonite Cat Litter With Crystal Cat Litter
- Sep 11, 2017 -

Comparison of the effect of Bentonite Cat Litter with crystal cat litter
Common commodity cat litter with Bentonite Cat Litter, crystal sand, mineral sand, pine sand, paper sand.
Bentonite Cat Litter is the main cat litter market, accounting for nearly half of the market. This cat litter is small, soft texture, water absorption is relatively strong, the knot is better, add the fragrance of perfume Bentonite Cat Litter deodorant ability is also very strong, plus it is affordable, became the cat family's preferred cat litter The But this cat litter also has some drawbacks, such as dust larger, especially with a longer time cat litter, dust is even greater, so the use of this cat litter, then parents must be diligent clean.
For the cat, the Bentonite Cat Litter should be the most cat's favorite cat litter? Cat has buried nature, and Bentonite Cat Litter stepped up soft, digging up very interesting, the only bad is the small particles easy Caught in the pawl sewn out of the sand basin, which makes the home dirty, but if you use the foot pad with a closed cat toilet, can greatly improve the cat litter home environment.
Crystal sand is also an early entry into the Chinese market and a more popular cat litter. This cat litter particles larger, is made of silica particles, so the water absorption is very good, can quickly suck the cat's urine, but because the particles can not be buried, so you must take away the cat in a timely manner, or home Will be stinky. Crystal sand also has some benefits, Bentonite Cat Litter is the smaller dust, suitable for the use of flat-face cat.
For the cat, Bentonite Cat Litter this cat litter is not good, the particles lead to a very long claws and do not move, and with a long time, because the urine too much white particles into yellow is very unpleasant particles more and more , With feeling very dirty But this cat litter is a good toy cat, my family is bad when suffering from urinary tract disease when I am afraid of dust sticky in its small JJ will be on the rehabilitation is not good so for the crystal sand, since I found a small bad to the crystal sand As is the pinball so play, but also play too happy ... ...
Mineral sand is a luxury for me and most other cat families, Bentonite Cat Litter and expensive prices are not suitable for our average working families. But I pondering this cat litter in the pet shop, and here some of my own superficial view.
Mineral sand is very beautiful blue irregular small particles, feels hard, no taste, but if added to the inside of the water, will soon knot, and there will be fragrant taste (do not know is not Add what spice or itself is the taste, do not know the cat will go into the urine will not have such a fragrance? Hey), cat stool will not soon wrapped I do not know, after all, did not personally experience (too expensive , It is not willing to buy), but you can see that this cat litter dust is very small, water absorption and knot is very good, a lot of feel is also very good, and not like Bentonite Cat Litter as easy to stick on the hair , Planing up the brush of the sound of the cat should be loved.
In short, the mineral sand expensive is also expensive reasons, the proposed family income is more generous and willing to spend money on the family to use the cat
The knot is a major feature of Bentonite Cat Litter, when the cat litter will swell after the water, which will help clean up the cat's excreta, does not affect the remaining cat litter effect, keep the house fresh air. The most important is the Bentonite Cat Litter soil material, the cat used when the texture is better, so most of the cat are more like Bentonite Cat Litter.
One of the major drawbacks of Bentonite Cat Litter is that dust is a bit larger than other cat litter, and if it is not used in a closed room for a while, it is time to wipe it, and there may be a layer of dust in the room and dust Of the claws to other rooms. However, with the current cat litter manufacturing process upgrade, some high-quality Bentonite Cat Litter has been the cat litter dust will be acceptable to the extent of people, such as the United States Peng cat litter, broken particles more suitable than the traditional spherical sand Cat use, dust is lower.