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Comparison Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cat Litter Use And Cleaning
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of Cat Litter use and cleaning
 Ordinary bentonite Cat Litter, including spherical Cat Litter, broken particles bentonite Cat Litter
Advantages: Bentonite Cat Litter is the main advantage of the knot is better, Cat Litter after the use of the group, easier to clean, high-quality broken particles bentonite Cat Litter dust less, the use of better results
Disadvantages: Bentonite Cat Litter variety, quality uneven, low-quality bentonite Cat Litter easy to affect the respiratory and digestive system of the cat.
Silicone Cat Litter, also known as crystal Cat Litter
Advantages: The main advantage of silica gel Cat Litter is good water absorption, relatively bentonite Cat Litter clean, do not have frequent cleaning.
Disadvantages: choose the cat Cat Litter cat most of the more love is clean, and relatively lazy, feel more convenient to use, but the cat does not necessarily like to use, a lot of cats on the crystal Cat Litter is not cold, accept a lower degree. In addition, crystal Cat Litter is easy to play by the cat, eating.
Paper Cat Litter
Advantages: The main feature of paper Cat Litter is more environmentally friendly materials, the use of ordinary pulp, waste paper and other materials from processing, and the use of post-processing is also more convenient, you can rush from the toilet
Disadvantages: the use of the general effect, paper Cat Litter water and knot are not as before the two Cat Litter.
Pine Cat Litter
Advantages: material environmental protection, water absorption than paper Cat Litter, clean up less.
Disadvantages: In the production process in order to make the wood powder molding, will add some chemical composition. After the use of pineapple into powder, it is not easy to clean up. Another pine Cat Litter are generally wood taste is relatively large, many cats do not like.
Tofu Cat Litter
Advantages: tofu sand Although there is no bentonite Cat Litter effect is good, but it can also achieve the group, and the material for the tofu residue, more environmentally friendly, can toilet washed.
Disadvantages: with pine and crystal Cat Litter, these materials will leave the texture of the cat's own taste of the cat, the poor acceptance of the cat.
The more types of Cat Litter, the more difficult to choose the cat slaves will become more and more serious, choose a Cat Litter is easy to choose a can for a long time to use the Cat Litter is not so easy, Cat Litter has different advantages, the cat slaves can only focus on their own Cat Litter advantage to choose Cat Litter. There is also a more important aspect, is to take into account the actual use of Cat Litter cat - the feelings of the cat.
Today to share with you under the bentonite Cat Litter with crystal Cat Litter two kinds of more popular Cat Litter should be how to choose.
Bentonite Cat Litter is very strong, and can be the feces of the cat's knot, easy to clean up the daily work. Soil Cat Litter feet feel good, the cat is easier to accept. The use of bentonite Cat Litter is side consumption, while adding, while cleaning, relative to ensure that the room has a certain advantage of fresh air. The disadvantage is that bentonite Cat Litter itself determines the Cat Litter more or less have a certain amount of dust, and bentonite Cat Litter particles easily cat out easily.
Crystal Cat Litter relative to the bentonite Cat Litter is the advantage is relatively clean, and crystal Cat Litter is also better water absorption, Cat Litter does not need to clean after washing, when the overall color of Cat Litter after 80% of the color can be all Replace the crystal Cat Litter, for the more lazy cat slaves who, the frequency of cleaning can be greatly reduced. The
Understand some of the characteristics of Cat Litter can be made according to Cat Litter to make a decision, if you want to personally experience the cat under the Cat Litter, you can put different Cat Litter into a different cat sand basin, so that the cat to make their own choice The But in some cases the cat for different Cat Litter can be accepted, this time on the need for cat slaves according to their own circumstances. Their relatively lazy cat slaves can choose crystal Cat Litter, clean the lower frequency, less dust, do not often clean, and for the elderly or children at home, the situation is less important dust. If you want a better texture of the cat, the toilet is more comfortable, then bentonite Cat Litter is undoubtedly the best choice.
Cat Litter variety, bentonite Cat Litter and crystal Cat Litter is only two of the more common, the other Cat Litter in the use and the degree of acceptance of the cat compared to the two Cat Litter have some shortcomings, so the cat slaves are Cat Litter selection must be in advance to understand the details, choose their own Cat Litter.