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Choose To Choose Or Bentonite Cat Litter
- Jan 05, 2017 -

Choose to choose or Bentonite Cat Litter
There are cat slaves are looking for easy to use cat litter questions, and now they have been raising cat more than six months, changed a few times cat litter, and now here to share some experience, hoping to have some of the cat slaves Learn from.

In their own cat master did not come back before, they have prepared a cat litter, cat sand basin. The beginning of the preparation of bentonite low-grade cat litter, the cat will be used after the group, and then clean up the use of cat litter every day, at the beginning of shovel feces official doping has been supported. Shovel shit work is also relatively smooth, and later low-grade Bentonite Cat Litter more and more shovel not clean, and later used to be closed cat litter, after a period of time in the use of cat litter, the taste can be imagined The. So every time you clean up the cat sand basin need to hold your breath, and later led to the cat did not enter the cat sand basin. Cat litter inside the taste too much, get the cat even do not want to go in use.

And then fought in the pine cat litter, online understanding of the pine cat litter in the use of broken into powder, and can also toilet water red, feeling very convenient, and then bought a pine cat litter. In order to cope with the use of new cat litter, but also for a double cat litter (not closed). Because of a closed cat litter basin caused a serious heart shadow, so after the cat litter or as far as possible with the open bar, clean more convenient, it will not taste too much by the cat also despise.

But the actual use of the situation is not satisfactory, the cat refused to use the day of pine cat litter, full house urine, and later heard the views of the cat slaves, that the cat to replace the cat litter to be gradually, all of a sudden replacement May cause the cat to not adapt, thus refusing to use the new cat litter. Well, in order to allow the cat to adapt to the new cat litter, the pine cat litter with Bentonite Cat Litter mixed together. Although it looks strange, good and bad cat into the cat sand basin, after several efforts to finally finally accept the cat cat meat cat litter.

Although the cat with the pine cat litter, but the use of pine cat litter than the Bentonite Cat Litter to bring more relaxed. Cat urine is better, will be carried out in the cat litter basin. But the stool is not so stable, happy to go into the shit, not happy to find a corner casually. May be the texture of pine cat litter Bentonite Cat Litter Well, anyway, the cat has been used with less satisfied. And pine cat litter is not very easy to use, although the cat litter will become a powder, but in the double cat litter inside, into the powder pine cat litter is difficult to automatically fall to the bottom of the cat litter, the need for manual cleaning Also too troublesome.

Compelling, and finally chose a good point of Bentonite Cat Litter, although there are many shortcomings, but at least a little bit with the use of words, or relatively easy to use. So the actual use of cat litter under the use of Bentonite Cat Litter or cat's favorite, although the Bentonite Cat Litter has been a lot of shortcomings, but now the production process and technology continues to improve, and now a lot of Bentonite Cat Litter can reduce these shortcomings to At least, so the cat slaves are still more than favor the Bentonite Cat Litter.