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Cat Sand Tofu Cat Litter Beauty Big, Small Master You Know?
- Sep 21, 2017 -

Cat sand tofu Cat Litter beauty big, small master you know?
 Tofu Cat Litter easy to use?
1, tofu Cat Litter. Said tofu Cat Litter, in fact, the texture is not the same as tofu, different from the bentonite sand, tofu Cat Litter was cylindrical bar. The effect of smear is better than the general sand, the knot is also faster, the urine knot group fast, convenient shovel feces official shovel out.
2, tofu Cat Litter out of the situation is small, tofu Cat Litter is medium, occasionally cat master feet stained with tofu Cat Litter, or jump out of the cat sand basin, will bring out a little, but clean up is not difficult.
In summary, tofu Cat Litter as Cat Litter, the price is good, knot count quickly, the smell is also good, cat slaves can rest assured that procurement!
What are the characteristics of tofu Cat Litter?
1, tofu Cat Litter ingredients are natural fresh bean curd or natural plant fiber, the market can be seen a wide variety of bean curd derived. And some manufacturers to add tofu different kinds of tofu, such as: green tea, cherry, peach, etc., although the different flavors, but the effect is not much difference, shovel feces industry has a famous saying: The choice of the cat actually does not matter, too red fragrance but let the cat disgusted.
2, tofu Cat Litter is an environmentally friendly type of Cat Litter, many cat slaves may be two years ago, fear of formaldehyde events, the official also made a statement, the regular manufacturers of bean curd is still reliable. We should pay more attention to the advantages and disadvantages of bean curd sand, and it is not suitable for our cat in the end.
 3, because the composition of bean curd natural, cat eating will not be a problem, so for the gastrointestinal function of the cat, the bean curd is a good choice, in addition to bean curd sand with water-soluble, can be used directly after throwing Toilet washed away, and some cat slaves will be used to raise the waste residue.
Paper Cat Litter Cat Litter is designed for domesticated pets made of new environmentally friendly pet supplies. Paper Cat Litter as the basic raw materials for paper raw materials, light weight, hygienic clean, large water absorption, fast absorption, suitable for cleaning cats and dogs and other excreta, can quickly absorb the urine of urine, feces in the fluid and thus Produce the smell, make the environment clean and fresh.
Paper Cat Litter can be widely used in pet litter. Newspaper Cat Litter with pure newspaper production. It is characterized by environmental protection, can be directly into the sewer, the environment without any pollution. Compared with the traditional silica gel, bentonite sawdust and other materials produced by the Cat Litter, with a strong water absorption, easy to store, light weight, soft and comfortable, easy to clean and so on. And can be directly into the sewer after the decomposition, a fundamental solution to the chemical pollution, garbage disposal difficult trouble, put an end to the secondary pollution, Cat Litter is the most ideal replacement products, any material Cat Litter Comparable to environmentally friendly products.
    To the cat master life is good, paper Cat Litter is essential!
 Paper Cat Litter small beauty!
    Paper Cat Litter after the water, can quickly knot, easy to clean up, can be used directly after the pouring, to avoid garbage after storage at home to produce odor, so that no chance of breeding bacteria; into the sewer can be broken down, sewer.
Paper Cat Litter does not contain any chemical materials, high temperature drying on people and pets without the slightest harm to the environment is not pollution, is environmentally friendly products, and thus more use value.
 Tofu Cat Litter advantages can be divided into the following points:
   1, the use of bean curd as the main raw material, do not add any chemical raw materials, bean dregs is the best water absorption of plants in the material, you can absorb more than 2 times the weight of their own water, plant glue for the import of adhesives, knot effect is good.
   2, the use of advanced microwave production technology for high temperature sterilization, deodorant effect is good.
   3, no dust, strip of tofu Cat Litter is not easy to bring out, so that the environment to keep clean, but also to protect the health of the owner and the cat.
   4, tofu Cat Litter has a very good water-soluble, you can directly into the toilet, do not worry about the toilet block.
   5, this product is light weight, the use of small, affordable, is the first choice when the purchase of Cat Litter products.