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Cat Must Use Cat Litter
- Oct 12, 2017 -

The dog is the representative of the loyalty, the cat in the impression of many people are known as the representative of the traitor, but the meow star with its noble appearance, proud of human temperament or access to a lot of cat slaves willing to fire and fire, dedicated to wait. Dogs are generally better, the cat is suitable for quiet friends, so many people lazy to walk the dog or play with the dog. The cat became the best choice. Cats are born and lovingly clean, and with their elegant and charming gesture is easy to capture the hearts of people now. In the feeding of the cat, many people only focus on the quality of cat food, often overlooked the choice of Cat Litter, but the pet, after all, different from people, not eat well to keep well, for the innocent cat star, not only to Eat good, into the toilet quality should also meet the harsh requirements of the cat, so the choice of Cat Litter on the cat slaves must be dedicated, and strive to serve a small master. The The
Cat Litter is the necessities of the cat? The answer is obvious yes, the cat is different from the dog, the dog born everywhere pull Baba. Dogs into the toilet problem requires the owner of the dog through the hard training process can be achieved. And the cat stars are born to know their own to the toilet, so the cat slaves in the cat before the home must be given a small master ready to Cat Litter.
It seems that meow is not a look on the tall is not it? In fact, this is only the cat's ancestors living environment decision. Cats and dogs are human beings from the wild state of domestication, the dog body is relatively large, so in the wild can get a certain living space by the body, while the cat body is relatively small, in front of the harsh natural competition law, the cat's Survival advantage is greatly discounted, so the previous wild cat will try to hide their own traces, excrement as an important part of its traces, the cat chose to bury as its treatment. So now, the cat still retains the habit of this more elegant civilization.
Other people's small cat will use the toilet! Wake up it ~ is always someone else's home small master. The The If the cat slaves are not prepared in advance to the small master ready for the cat Cat Litter, the cat from the beginning can not find a fixed toilet place, resulting in the size of the future Then, and the cat will choose the sofa, bed, clothes and other comfortable environment excretion. By the time. The The Oh, even if you provide Cat Litter, arrogant little master will be dismissive. At that time the cat slaves are crying too late ~
15-year-old Wesley Wolf entered the field of research two years ago with a simple question: when my pet cat stroll in the room, they used a variety of Cat Litter will affect the number of bacteria in the room?
At that time the seventh year of Ohio, Georgetown, Ohio students asked the mother as a veterinarian, whether they could use the animals in the clinic to do an experiment. After getting the animal owner's response, he put three different Cat Litter in the cage of 30 cats: clay Cat Litter, condensed Cat Litter and broken newspaper Cat Litter. Then, after 24 hours and 48 hours, Wolf put one pound of each cat in a petri dish filled with nutrients, and then waited for the development of the results.
The type of Cat Litter did not produce much difference, he reported at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science reported that all the cat's claws were kept with a similar number of bacteria. (Wolf says he can not assess the toxicity of these bacteria.) "So, if the pet owner is concerned about what Cat Litter should be used, they only need to find the cheapest or most convenient." He said.
Wolf's findings may not be surprising, but the study has left a deep impression on the country's review. His study is the only one from the student's research results in the national competition eventually presented at the meeting of the poster, the United States Youth Academy of Sciences part of the research results.
The study also inspired Wolf to continue his Ph.D. in microbiology after graduating from high school. As Cat Litter research aroused his interest in research, he subverted the study to a more serious scientific level - and his chosen experimental theme: "The cat is a common pet, so it is closely related to people 's life.