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Cat Litter
- May 10, 2015 -

Cat litter is pet owners feeding cats used to bury the feces and urine of objects, have better water absorption, usually with litter (or cat toilet) used together, within the appropriate cat litter in the litter box trained cats when it comes to excretion excretion into the litter box at its top.
Cat culture is the most important advance is the use of cat litter, cat litter and is based not in the early condensation of cat litter, everyone is to receive a cat. But as the cat litter technology advances, people not just in storage so simple, so has come the clumping litter now, wooden sand, sand and crystal sand, bentonite, and so on.
Cat litter are simulated using the pulp into small particles of sand and provide water absorption, have also used silica gel desiccant particles of physics. Deodorant agents/preservatives and other chemical products are added, cat litter water condenses into blocks, while easy to clean but the pairing with a special drain shovel. Most cat litter cat stepped on will touch on the foot and taken to other places, so please note that more frequent cleaning.

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