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Bentonite Cat Litter Use Skills
- May 31, 2016 -

 Bentonite Cat Litter Benton Cat litter Use Tips Cat litter is prepared to solve the cat's defecation and can be used to bury feces and urine. Generally need to cooperate with a cat's "toilet" cat sand basin use. After the cat litter, just use the shovel to eradicate it. Some novice do not know the specific use of cat litter, how long for a time, here to do a note.

  One, cat sand shop thicker?

  Bentonite Cat Litter This question seems small is actually tangled. Because the cat like to plan the cat litter, the shop is too thin cat is not satisfied. Too deep, then it is easy to get the cat litter everywhere. But generally do not have less than the thickness of a finger.

  Second, how often cat litter

  This is suitable for the characteristics of their own cat. But also to see their own degree of tolerance. Generally once a week all replaced, every day to see the part of the group should also be timely shovel, keep this frequency is generally not a problem. Home conditional words after the excretion of the cat is best to the end of the cat litter to the sun where the sun drying, sterilization.

  When purchasing cat litter, you must pay attention to the following:

  1, do not choose with the smell of cat litter.

  2, cat litter dust the less the better, easy to clean, and dust inhaled the body for a long time will have an impact on health.

  3, claws feel better, the cat will be more comfortable with the defecation in that.

  4, the composition of healthy, no harmful substances.

  5, coagulation force, strong water absorption, will not let the exposed.

  6, do not frequently replace the different types of cat litter.