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What kind of cat litter for cats for long-term use
- Feb 09, 2017 -

First taste
Fragrance shopping preferences, but for cat litter is best to collect more views from their cats under, especially for smell sensitive cats, most cases are not willing to use scented cat litter. Because the cat's sense of smell sensitive nature, is also sensitive to taste, we smelled the smell many cats can smell, smell so strong scent cat litter are often resisted by most of the cats.
Cat cat litter though not personal things, but daily contact is also more. If the big cat litter dust, in the cat is easy to enter the body from the respiratory system, long-term inhalation of excessive dust has a certain impact on cat health, most direct adverse reaction occurs after a smelling cat litter cat sneezing. Much easier for cat litter dust sticking in the cat's paws or body, cats in movement will bring a lot of dust to the room, indoor sanitation.
Cat born will with cat sand, certainly also on on cat sand texture has requirements has, early cat sand not so universal of when General are is directly from field dug some sand home Dang cat sand with, can understand cat like sand texture of cat sand, so general expanded run soil cat sand deeply cat of like, and is free with cat sand sales in the accounted for of compared big of a type.
Healthy and fit
Now variety of cat litter have bentonite, Crystal, pine and other types for a variety of cat litter for adding chemicals in the manufacturing process may cause certain effects to cats, so I chose some chemical ingredients less litter, once the cat has allergies and other conditions are found in time to stop using.