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Why the most suitable cat litter is bentonite cat litter
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Often have the cat owners to look for to use the cat litter question, now oneself has kept the cat for more than half a year, changed the cat litter several times, now shares some experience for everybody here, hoped can have some reference to the cat owners.

Before the owner of the cat was back, I had already prepared the litter, litter bowl. The first is the low end of the prepared bentonite cat litter, which will form after the cat is used, and then clean up the used cat litter every day. The work that shovels excrement also undertakes relatively smooth, afterwards low-grade bentonite cat arenaceous more and more shoveling is not clean, add what use later is full close cat arenaceous basin, the cat arenaceous basin after using period of time, flavour is imagined. So you hold your breath every time you clean the litter pan, which will eventually keep your cat out of the litter pan. The smell in the litter pan is so strong that even the cat doesn't want to go in.

Then changed to pine cat litter, the Internet learned that pine cat litter will be broken into powder after use, and can also flush the toilet, feeling can be quite convenient, then bought pine cat litter. In order to cooperate with the use of new cat litter, a new double layer cat litter bowl (not closed) has been replaced. Because on a closed cat litter basin caused serious heart shadow, so cat litter basin later still USES open as far as possible, clean more convenient, also unapt flavour is too big by cat also dislike.

However, the actual situation is not satisfactory. The cat refused to use pine wood cat litter that day and defecated all over the house. Well, to get your cat used to the new litter, mix it with bentonite. As strange as it may seem, the cat got into the litter pan, and after several attempts the cat slowly accepted the pine litter.

Although pine cat litter is used, it is no more relaxing to use than bentonite cat litter. The cat urinates better, will be in the cat litter basin. But the defecate is not so stable, happy went to move bowels, not happy to seek a corner casually. It may be that pine cat litter has a non-bentonite texture. Well, cats are not very happy with it anyway. Besides, the pine cat litter is not easy to use. Although the used cat litter will turn into powder, it is difficult for the powdered pine cat litter to automatically fall to the bottom of the cat litter in the double-layer cat litter pot, which requires manual cleaning.

Had to, finally chose a bit better bentonite cat sand, although also have a lot of shortcomings, but at least a bit diligent with words, or better use. Therefore, in summary, bentonite cat litter is still the cat's favorite when used in practice. Although bentonite cat litter has always had many shortcomings, now the production process and technology continue to improve, and now many bentonite cat litter can reduce these shortcomings to the minimum, so our cat owners still prefer bentonite cat litter.