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Teach you how to find the best cat litter
- May 10, 2015 -

Bentonite cat litter water absorption is very strong, and can be cat's fecal pellet for easy daily cleanup work. Soil litter feet or cat easier to accept. Bentonite cat litter, it is consumed, adding, clearing, which is of some advantage to ensure fresh air inside the House. Drawback is that bentonite cat litter itself determines the cat litter have had a certain amount of dust, and bentonite cat litter granules easier to be easily taken out by CAT.
Crystal cat litter for the bentonite cat litter advantages was clean and water absorption in crystals cat litter OK, cat litter in the wash water does not need to be cleaned, when the overall color to 80% color changing cat litter can then replace all the Crystal cat litter, lazy cat slave for them, cleaning frequency can greatly reduce the ...
Understanding of the characteristics of the cat litter you can make a decision based on cat litter, cat litter under If you want to let the cat yourself, you can to separate different cat litter in the litter box, cat make their own choices. But in some cases for different types of cat litter cat acceptable, needs cats at this point slaves according to their own circumstances. His lazy cat slaves can choose Crystal cat litter, clean up less frequently, less dust, not cleaned regularly, and homes for the elderly or children, less quantity of dust is all the more important. If you want the cats have a better texture, bathroom more comfortable, bentonite cat litter is the best choice.

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