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Teach you how to choose the best cat litter
- Jul 17, 2015 -

1. effect of pellet
Pellet can directly show that cat litter quality of good quality cat litter pellet rapidly, and the Pellet is stronger and not easily damaged.
2. deodorizing effect
Deodorization effect will directly affect the time of cat litter, deodorization effect is comparatively poor cat litter not only fail to absorb the smell cat feces is also contaminated. Select cat litter so be sure to choose good deodorant material of cat litter.
3. germicidal efficacy
Primary role of cat litter is disposed of kitty litter, cat slave clean a cat litter may be only a few days, if relatively poor sterilization effect of cat litter, it is easy to breed bacteria, adversely affect the health of the cat.
4. cat sand particle shape, size
Now not only is cat sand of material has many species, cat sand of particles shape also many, like pine of article-like, and crystal of big particles, and expanded run soil of broken particles and the spherical, selected for of cat sand to according to using situation and set, full closed of cat sand basin cat using Shi cat sand of with out on compared less, and open cat sand basin on need consider cat sand of with out situation, spherical sand with out Hou easy scroll easily cleanup, but broken particles cat sand with out volume less, also easy cleanup, as beauty Peng cat sand.