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Summer work how to do the cat odor removal
- Aug 11, 2016 -

1. Select a good cat litter
Bentonite cat litter is one of the biggest market share in the cat litter types, for bentonite absorbent cat litter is better, able to quickly absorb the kitty litter, and cluster effect, you can complete the clearing of used cat litter, will not affect the remaining effects of cat litter.
2. to regularly clean, periodically changing cat litter
To be no odors in the home in the summer, be sure to always clean up litter, especially in multiple-cat households, two to three times a day clean is essential. Not only to clean every day, but at least once a week and complete replacement of cat litter in the litter box, and disinfectant for the litter box disinfecting. So not only can eliminate odor, can effectively avoid the growth of bacteria, keep the litter box clean and dry.
3. replace the closed toilet
If not several times a day clean litter box, enclosed cat litter can be replaced toilets, which effectively blocked in the bathroom stink.