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How to step by step to change cat litter
- Jun 01, 2015 -

1. the cat is a very timid animal, which was evolved under the wild life survival skills, so cats are very sensitive to changes in environment, changing cat litter cat to feel unsafe, resulting in exclusion, and refuse to use it.
2. when changing the cat litter to take full account of cat litter environment, litter box positioned too noisy will directly affect the cat's toilet, so to think ahead to the litter box location.
3. types of cat litter is also increasing, when choosing a cat litter is also difficult to decide, but be judged according to their use of cat, choose the corresponding particles, taste, texture of cat litter. If you replaced it with a new cat litter and found the cat refuses to use, should decisively stop a new cat litter use and according to the situation before the new cat litter cat litter of mixed use, let the cat take to adapt to the new cat litter, in thoroughly after using some time for a new cat litter.