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How to choose a better cat litter
- May 05, 2017 -

With the more types of cat litter, may be the choice of the cat slave difficult disease will be more and more serious, choose a cat litter is easy, choose a can withstand the long time use of cat litter is not easy, all kinds of cat litter have different advantages, emphasizing the cat slave can only according to their own advantages of cat litter to choose cat litter. Another important consideration is the perception of the actual user of cat litter.

Today we will share the popular cat sand and the crystal cat sand.

The bentonite cat is very water-absorbent and can make the cat's fecal knots easy for daily cleaning. It's also a good idea for cats, and cats are more likely to accept it. The use of bentonite litter is used for side consumption, side addition, side cleaning, which has a certain advantage over keeping the air fresh in the room. The drawback is that the bentonite litter itself determines that the cat litter has a certain amount of dust, and that the particles of the bentonite litter can easily be easily carried out by cats.

Crystal cat litter relative to bentonite cat litter advantage is cleaner, and better crystal cat litter water imbibition, cat litter don't need to clean up after the wash water, when the whole of cat litter color all reached 80% after color change can change the crystal cat litter, for compare the lazy cat slave, the frequency of cleaning can be greatly reduced. 

Learned some characteristics of the cat litter can make decisions according to the cat litter, if want to let the cat personally experience the cat litter, can put different litter respectively in different cat sand basin, allow yourself to be a cat to make a choice. But there are situations where cats can accept different cat litter, and they need to be determined by their own circumstances. They are lazy cat slave can choose crystal cat litter, cleaning with low frequency, less dust, need not cleaned regularly, and for the home has a old person or child's case, less dust becomes even more important. If you want a better texture and a more comfortable toilet, the bentonite is the best option.

There are many types of cat litter, bentonite cat litter and crystal cat litter is just one more common two kinds, other litter in the use of acceptance and cats are for these two kinds of cat litter have some deficiencies, so the cat slave in terms of choice of cat litter must understand in detail ahead of time, choose to suit oneself of cat litter.