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- Aug 18, 2018 -

1. Bentonite cat litter: bentonite cat litter will rapidly absorb the cat's excrement into a ball, and then it can be removed from the cat litter bix. When bentonite cat litter is gradually consumed, new cat litter can be added to the cat litter at any time, and it does not need to be abandoned completely.

2. Crystal cat litter: regularly clean the garbage generated after use to keep it clean. If more cats can shorten the replacement period of cat litter proportionally, instead of letting more cat litter loose in the litter box, a bag of 3.6L cat litter is recommended.

3. Sawdust cat litter: the sawdust cat litter will turn into powder after absorbing the urine. When the whole basin almost turns into powder, it can be completely discarded.