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Crystal cat litter OK anyone who knows
- Jul 02, 2015 -

Many cat owners may use Crystal cat litter, evaluation of Crystal cat litter is also mixed. So what causes this part owner to give up using the Crystal cat litter? Crystal cat litter and what are the advantages and disadvantages of it?
To be fair, the Crystal cat litter is using better cat litter, deodorizing capacity is also quite good, water effects are also stronger. And compared with the use of the most common cat litter cat litter – – condensation, crystals cat litter dust a lot smaller. Meanwhile, if properly used, Crystal cat litter can also be used for a long time. In addition, some owners said they choose Crystal cat litter because they Crystal cat litter looks more fresh and clean.
Of course, swapping with other cat litter owners also had their own reasons. First of all, although Crystal cat litter looks more fresh and clean, but some cats have a curiosity on the cat litter, or even cat litter crystals directly to eat. Secondly, the cat stepped on the Crystal cat litter may be a pain, so some owners will choose from a cat's point of view and to use other cat litter. Of course, if users of cat litter cat Crystal cat litter is not cold at all, then the host may also have to swap with other cat litter.