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Cat refuses to use cat litter the reason
- Feb 19, 2016 -

1. litter box
Many people feel like cats and dogs, to grab a cat litter box can be used, but it ignores an important issue, cat not dog, cat was very fussy ... Cat is very sensitive about its own use anything sensitive to sample color is wrong, right, smells and other places where there are not satisfied with any cat will refuse to use, especially in an adult cat, after you have formed fixed living habits are hard to change.
In the litter box choices, from the cat's habit if kittens, taking into account the level of litter, too high the kitten may be difficult to access and refuse to use it.
2. cat litter
Cat slave are in using cat sand Shi certainly not only using a cat sand, is cat friends Exchange Shi certainly will was recommended other cat sand, then in using a a fixed cat sand Hou replaced cat sand, for cat slave for replaced cat sand may consider of cat sand of using effect, for cat for is may is change life habits of problem, so cat in replaced cat sand Hou on using cat sand produced exclusion Shi, must to consider new Cat sand whether for cat.
3. the cat health problems
Dogs and cats are often ill, cat malaise may also occur when some of the adverse reaction, such as respiratory problems, intestinal problems can affect the cat's reaction of defecation. May not be a fixed place of defecation, and may be refused in a cat litter box.