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Cat litter type: advantages and disadvantages
- Oct 10, 2018 -

1. A classic earthy cat litter

Advantage: the soil cat sand that won't condense - the more flat economy most cat cat all like to use

Disadvantages: no condensation. The cleaning is troublesome, and the ability of dust and taste absorption is not ideal

2.A clumping bentonite cat litter 

Advantages: the urine will solidify into clumps of clay cat litter and can coagulate. It is easy to clean the high quality cat litter which has no dust and good taste

Disadvantages: it is dangerous to kittens, and eating it will cause intestinal discomfort, even obstruction, and even death to severe ones. Sodiumbentonite is harmful to both humans and cats, and it is potentially dangerous to cats to use sodiumbentonite

3.SILICA gel cat sand/crystal cat sand (SILICA- gelcatempty)

Advantages: silica is the basic ingredient of silica, similar to the desiccant used in daily life.The round particles are easy to be taken out of the ground by cats. The irregular shaped particles are not suitable for cats and cats with arthritis.

Disadvantages: cat cat may not like to use


Advantage: it is mostly made of recycled paper cat litter.In 1975, PEPARLET in shizuoka, Japan.The city produces the world's first paper cat litter.Divided into non-condensate type and non-condensate type using recycled paper, more environmentally friendly can be decomposed, can be drained with toilet water, can be combustion treatment.

Disadvantages: because of the paper, is not the most environmentally friendly smell ability may not be good enough for other cat litter

5. Wood cat litter

Advantage: the composition of wood is non-condensable and non-condensable is made of natural wood.There is natural wood flavor can be decomposed, can be used for combustion treatment non-condensate type of cat litter will become powder, may fly because of the smell of wood, some cats may not like to use

Cons: pine and cypress cat litter may contain toxic or sensitive elements to cats

Tofu cat litter

Advantages: most of the waste products made of bean curd are coagulative, convenient to clean and made of bean curd waste, which can be decomposed naturally by environmental materials, and can be discharged with toilet water, and can be treated with combustion

Cons: some cats may not like it

Other plant-like cat litter (PLANTBASECATLITTER) : bean shells, corn, wheat, etc

Advantages: natural products may contain genetically modified ingredients, or have used pesticides and pesticides

Cons: some cats may not like it

Mineral cat litter such as: coke

Advantage: bentonite is not good for cats

Cons: some cats may not like it