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Braised cat litter cat for no reason why
- Feb 02, 2015 -

1. cats tend to be more clean, so pay attention to in using cat litter cleaning, replacement of used cat litter, cat litter for too long, cat litter is too small will affect the use of cats. Cat slave to often deal with litter and cleaned on a regular basis. If more cats in the House, still have to prepare for a few more litter, fastidious cat is hard to share a litter box. Last is replaced when a new litter, the replacement of the other kinds and brands of cat litter, thoroughly before replacing needs to let the cat approach, or mix the old cat litter.
2. in the cat litter may have some implications for cat urinary tract, causes a number of diseases. Braised cat litter cat frequently may be symptoms such as toileting, if cat cat slaves suddenly observed this behavior might as well take cat to the vet check as soon as possible. There is need to consider the following recent cat food or living conditions where there is nothing changed, they cat heart effects, leading to abnormal behavior of Braised cat litter cat.