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Bentonite cat litter tips
- Jan 05, 2017 -

Bentonite cat litter in the relatively large proportion of cat litter market, here today to introduce bentonite cat litter options and usage tips.
1. how to choose a bentonite clay cat litter, bentonite main disadvantages of cat litter is dust. Dust first will affect the House's sanitation, cats to access to the litter box every day, if the big cat litter dust, just increase the number of health cat slave to clean the House, and dust from sticking in the cat, and easy to cat's absorption into the body, causing respiratory diseases.
2. the use of bentonite clay cat litter, cat litter cat a daily necessity, as possible when using the litter box should be placed in a sheltered place, avoiding the usual dust being blown up, thickness under the prerequisite of ensuring the use of cat litter, cat litter from the top of the range as high as possible, so the cat litter box height can be slightly higher.
3. selection of cat litter, cat litter is the cat's daily consumer goods, but generally the amount is not too big, a cat on a monthly basis around a bag of cat litter, not consumer goods, in the choice of cat litter to choose some good quality cat litter, Mapper like cat litter and so on are all good choices.