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Chinese Cat Litter Manufacturer Bentonite Cat Litter Factory 1-3mm

Chinese Cat Litter Manufacturer Bentonite Cat Litter Factory 1-3mm

We are direct manufacturer of cat litter. Located in Shandong Province,China. We are also direct exporter, Main products: Bentonite Cat Litter, Tofu Cat Litter. Welcome to consult for more details.

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Product Details

Irregular broken particles ---Professional manufacturer!









 Particle size:  0.5-3.0mm

 Colour and scent:  MP001 90% blue gray, 10% white (Lavender scent)

                               MP002 90% original colour, 10% blue (Unscented)



Super condensation, strong deodorant
Using 100% natural sodium bentonite for production the cat litter and the pure natural sodim bentonite will solidifies very quickly and in the production process,making the cat sand particles produced a large number of tiny pores can firmly locked the cat shit peculiar smell.

 factory direct supply wholesale O 99% dust free good clumping cat sand



Clean and dust-free,, safe and healthy
Unique and leading dust sterilization process and high temperature sterilization process make the cat litter can reach 99% dust-free for ensuring the breathe smoothly during the cat using the cat litter and you cleaning up the shit and preventing the cat respiratory disease caused by dust.
The sterilization system can completely kill bentonite residues of all kinds of harmful substances and bacteria.


 factory direct supply wholesale O 99% dust free good clumping cat sand




Consumption saving, natural fragrance

The cat litter particles is even thickness through scientific design.Both saving half usage amount and not easily brought out of the pot.In the process of production,adding natural Fragrance, and it will give off quickly after meeting cat feces masking the odor to a great extent. So the cat will not rejected by the smell in the next time.
When using a new cat litter, occasionally cat produce short rejection and this is a normal phenomenon. Please be assured use. If the cat rejects for a long time,please mix the previous cat litter a small amount into the new cat litter,and this situation will disappear.





How to use


1. Paving a clean cat litter basin about 8-10centimeters with the MeiPeng cat litter.
2. When cats excrete, MeiPeng cat litter can absorb the moisture quickly.And then condense in a short time.It's convenient for     you to root out.

3. Clean up the mass in the cat litter basin in time.Please do not clean the cat litter with water.

4. Please keep the thickness of the basin at least 8 cm,and hold on to clean the basin and exchange the new cat litter once a month.


factory direct supply wholesale O 99% dust free good clumping cat sand




The cat litter cleaning method
1. If it smells bad,it turn to that the adsorption of the cat litter has been saturated. At this time ,please exchange the new cat litter    or add the deodorant powder in order to extend the using time.

2. The used cat litter is not recyclable.Please put the cat litter which has been cleaned up in a sealed bag,and take it into the unrecyclable dustbin.Please do not litter.

3. MeiPeng cat litter use natural raw materials.Digging and burying will not cause any environmental damage

factory direct supply wholesale O 99% dust free good clumping cat sand





1.  Please do not put the cat litter nearby the cat food,in order to prevent the cat swallowed. A small amount of cat litter will not harm cat's body,but a large quantity may cause cats digestive diseases.


factory direct supply wholesale O 99% dust free good clumping cat sand



2.  Cat waste contains a large amount of harmful microbes and bacteria, please try to put the cat food basin away from the cat litter basin.

3.  Please use it as soon as possible when the cat litter bag has been opened.Because the water-absorbing capacity of cat litter is well,please do not put the unused cat latter in the dark and wet environment,in order to avoid getting wet and affect the effect.


factory direct supply wholesale O 99% dust free good clumping cat sand




4.  Please put the used cat litter in the sealed bag,and avoid the kids touching.After cleaning, be sure to wash your hands for your health.



Packaging & Shipping


MEIPENG CAT LITTER PRODUCTS offers various kinds of packaging for cat litter.We provide plastic bags, color-printing plastic bags, kraft paper bags,carton boxes

and Ton bag. All packages can come with or without handle by your choice. All packages are available for OEM solutions. You can also ask our design department for assisting you in package design or design correction.

More Useful Tips





500grams sample is free,but exclude the express cost.

Payment terms

T/T, L/C

Delivery time

Within 15 days

Shipping port


Production capacity

5000 tons each month




We accept customerized design, a variety of options


Lavender,lemom,orange,baby powder, apple......




Our Service


Our staff of sales and technical support is available to help you selecting the right products for your company as well as to provide you with the latest products.

We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service, reasonable price, speedy delivery. We would like to make all the customer in the most sincere service.




factory direct supply wholesale O 99% dust free good clumping cat sand










Our Factory/Company

YANTAI MeiPeng Cat Litter Co.,LTD is a professional manufacturer of specializing in high-end bentonite cat litter research and development, production and sales. We mainly produce high-end bentonite cat litter with the most advanced foreign technology. The cat litter main feature is strong condensation and deodorization,low-dust and environment protection and consumption saving.

Located in the beautiful coastal city of LongKou ,Yantai ,Shandong,our company cover an area of more than 10000 aquare meters with annual output tens of thousands of tons cat litter.We have the most advanced cat litter production line adopting the international advanced production technology and complete R&D and testing department. The production of high-end cat litter process the feature of strong adsorption and condensation ,low dust and exported to the Southeast Asia,Europe and the USA market favored by customers at home and abroad.

Our company always take the core values of win-win cooperation, insist the quality request of quality creating brand,brand achieving the future. We will create the new brilliance with you.





factory direct supply wholesale O 99% dust free good clumping cat sand





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Meipeng Cat Litter is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the chinese cat litter manufacturer bentonite cat litter factory 1-3mm. Coming in strong absorption and condensation and low price, the bulk cat litter made in our factory must be your best choice.
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