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100% Sodium Natrual Bentonite Cat Litter

Our factory have ourselves benontie mineral, 100% natural bentonite cat litter, mainly produce high-end bentonite cat litter with the most advanced foreign technology. Product the sodium bentonite. make the cat litter main feature is strong condensation and deodorization, low-dust and...

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the cleaning method of bentonite cat litter :

  1. if it smells bad , it shows that hte adsorption of the cat litter has been saturated, please exchange the new cat litter or add the Meipeng deodorant powder for extengding the using time .

2.the used cat litter is not recyclabel , please put the used one in a sealed bag , and throw away into the unrecyclable dustbin ,please do not litter !






5kg Lemon scents Irregular shape bentonite cat litter sand with strong deodorant

Irregular shape bentonite cat litter -------Advantages:

1.Strong and fast absorption ability;
2.Absorb pet urine and peculiar smell within a couple of 3.seconds fully, restrain the growth of bacteria, keep the cat litter surface dry and clean, keep the air fresh.
4.Hard clumping and easy to clean up;
5.99% dust free ;
6.Montmorillonite content is above 80%.
7.Red and blue particles, Beautiful & enjoyable.

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